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Engage Process - Reportingplaza.com
Engage Process - Reportingplaza.com

Engage Process

Processes as the basis for complete reports

The need to describe processes as a foundation for sound reporting is evident. Processes can be complex, with many exceptions and deviations from the normal course of work. In order to create a correct and complete report, it is necessary to describe the exceptions of your processes. After all, these contain different data than in the normal situation, such as other roles, applications, risks and documents.

Engage Process helps you with discussing and describing the processes in detail and helping to identify the exceptions. You can then easily print out various reports and export them seamlessly to Microsoft Excel.

Some examples of reports you can create with Engage Process:

  • AVG Processing Register
  • FMEA reporting
  • Risk & Compliance reports

In addition, there is an important additional reason to get your reports from a processes database. Processes are changing more and more often and faster because organisations have to become more flexible. When your reports come from the processes database, they change immediately with your processes; A crucial condition to keep them up to date.

About Engage Process

The Engage Process process management platform has been used since 2008 by municipalities, healthcare institutions, housing associations, employment companies and a large number of commercial organisations.

In recent years, Engage Process increasingly supports total process management responsibility and compliance issues such as GDPR, legitimacy, In control, and risk management.

The organisation applauds that process management is increasing in importance with its customers with these compliance matters. Further investigation of processes with the employees involved, including the associated documentation, is the basis of: compliance, effectiveness of the service, efficiency, employee satisfaction, agility, the introduction of new services, outsourcing and partnerships.

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