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KvK annual reports

Currently, micro, small and medium-sized legal entities in the Netherlands are required to digitally file their annual accounts in XBRL format. XBRL is an electronic standard language that is readable by software applications.

The annual accounts can be submitted manually via the Chamber of Commerce (Dutch KvK) website, but this is inconvenient for large annual accounts. That is why Reporting Plaza has templates for the various annual accounts. These are available for Micro, Small, Medium and Large.

These solutions are available for both Excel and Tagetik, a reporting solution that is used by many companies. The data is then converted to XBRL via a plugin and sent to the Chamber of Commerce.

The Tagetik solution contains a standard chart of accounts in a standard report that can be linked to the chart of accounts of the relevant company. In this way it is possible to draw up multiple annual accounts at the same time directly from the system, check them automatically and send them securely to the Chamber of Commerce.

Several XBRL solutions can be found here.

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