Wilfred Sleeman

Wilfred Sleeman

Wilfred specialises in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Accounting and CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive). As a seasoned professional, yet young at heart, he combines project management skills, knowledge of financial accounting, IT systems, impact measurement and extensive experience in optimising processes and systems, with a special interest in Greenhouse Gas Accounting, ESG-topics, and climate-related challenges. He is a strategic, inquisitive, systematic problem-solver with an eye for theory and international context. 

Hands-on projectmanagement

Wilfred is a hands-on project manager who likes to get his hands dirty to contribute conceptually and with legwork. He is creative and has the drive to understand where organizations can get lasting results through projects he is involved in.


  • Implementation of a new project management cycle and system including impact measurement of projects for an NGO.
  • Software selection carbon accounting tool at an NGO.
  • Set-up new department including job-roles, processes, and systems for starting new province-wide infrastructural projects.

Creating the vision and translation into work packages

Wilfred likes to help organization create a vision from vague ideas and translate the vision in manageable project plans and work packages.


  • Created product strategy with the energy transition as an opportunity for the largest DIY home improvement chain in the Netherlands.
  • Set-up new performance management and impact measurement method focused on education and well-being at one of top-4 cities in the Netherlands.

Implementation of new reporting requirements and IT-systems

IT-systems should support the business processes. This philosophy has been leading in getting numerous IT-systems and reporting systems towards go-live.


  • Generated emissions report based on GHG Protocol and redesigned related business processes to streamline future GHG reporting.
  • Several IT-system implementations in the profit and non-profit sectors.

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